Bel Power Solutions . May 18, 2021

Durable DC-DC Converter with Ultra-wide Input Range

Santa Clara, CA [May 18, 2021] Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company, today announced 0RQB-50Y Series, a rugged 50 W quarter brick isolated DC-DC converter. The 0RQB-50Y Series provides 50 W single output voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V from an ultra-wide input range from 14.4 to 154 VDC and operates on all nominal battery voltages from 24 to 110 V with one module, making it ideal for railway and harsh industrial applications.

The 0RQB-50Y Series is designed for embedded computing, communication and control systems, such as Ethernet switches, TCMS, passenger information systems, on-board WLAN, PoE applications and door control.

Standard features include remote on/off, input under- and over-voltage protection, output overvoltage protection, overcurrent and short circuit protection. This converter also provides a 5 V/5 mA auxiliary supply, which is typically used for Wake-On-LAN applications. The hold-up circuit achieves a 10ms interruption time with smaller amount of external capacity and saves board space. Conformal coated PCB is used for environmental ruggedness; also approved to IEC/EN/CSA/UL 62368-1 and designed in accordance to EN 50155.


Series: 0RQB-50Y05, 0RQB-50Y12, 0RQB-50Y15, 0RQB-50Y24, 0RQB-50Y48

Applications: Embedded Computing, Communication and Control Systems  

Distribution availability: DigiKey, Mouser

Datasheets: 0RQB-50Y05, 0RQB-50Y12, 0RQB-50Y15, 0RQB-50Y24, 0RQB-50Y48

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