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TRKF-64D82ER (shown)

Bel Power – Power System Controller

These on board power system controllers provide flexible, cost effective, and high performance solutions for controlling, monitoring, and sequencing multiple Point of Load (PoL) converters on system boards. The controllers use a digital signal processor (DSP) engine and Bel’s firmware to implement a portfolio of board level control features typically required in multiple voltage power systems.


  • SMD packages
  • 44 Pin TQFP
  • 64 Pin TQFP
  • 100 Pin TQFP

Design Features

  • Provide Power Up and Power Down Sequencing Logic
  • Fault Detection and Reporting
  • I2C, SMBus, or PMBus compatible serial interface options
  • Configurable through serial interface, Customizable through software
  • 3V3 logic levels
  • Voltage set point control and Margining via Closed Loop Trim
  • Analog Input Monitoring
  • Programmed parameters saved in non-volatile memory
  • Intelligent configuration capability
  • Power-down data log for identifying fault conditions
  • Boot loader for in-system upgrading
  • GUI for defining board configuration parameters and board monitoring
Synergy with Bel Power – Power System Controller
Part Number Number of Trimmed Rails Number of Additional Monitored Rails Number of Enabled Outputs Number of Power Zones Data Sheet
TRKF-44D42SR 4 2 6 1 Data Sheet
TRKF-64D84SR 8 4 12 2 Data Sheet
TRKF-10D8VSR 8 22 21 1 Contact Tech Support
RoHS Compliant