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Stewart Connector – Capabilities

The Stewart Connector portfolio of products include one of the broadest ranges of Ethernet connectivity. Our interconnect products includes passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies that provide connectivity in networking equipment. Modular plugs and cable assemblies are used within the structured cabling system, known as premise wiring.

All connector products are designed to meet current performance standards including Category 6 regulations for Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit Ethernet applications. Our MagJack® products include a comprehensive line of single and multi-port RJ-45 connectors with integrated magnetics for 10/100/1000Base-T applications.

Bel Stewart’s EPP-918A protectant improves product reliability by providing an unprecedented level of defense against harsh environmental conditions. In addition to providing superior moisture, humidity, and corrosion resistance, EPP-918A also shields against wear due to repetitive mating/un-mating forces.

By guarding electronic connectors with this contact dressing, EPP-918A prolongs the life of contacts with in RJ11 and RJ45 jacks exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Once applied (during our manufacturing process), EPP-918A will not migrate – it adheres to the contacts instantly and remains intact without the need for additional tape, mechanical barriers, or cure time. This characteristic eliminates the added expense that other barrier methods entail.

Stewart Connector’s RJ point five connector System, the next generation Ethernet link, provides nearly double the port density when compared to standard RJ45 connector solutions. Ideal for EOEM’s seeking to increase density while also reducing the cost-per-port price point. The RJ point five cable system provides the convenience of a single connector per channel solution for maximum port flexibility and efficiency. This connector system currently supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds for CAT5e cabling and upcoming designs will provide migration
to PoE Plus and 10GBase-T over CAT6a applications.

Large  diameter CAT6a modular plugs designed to terminate directly to CAT6a and CAT6 large diameter solid conductor cabling. Typical modular plugs are designed for use on patch cable assemblies and therefore are designed to terminate to stranded conductors of wire sizes from AWG 24 through AWG 28. However, in many direct connect, or consolidation point applications where link lengths exceed 10 Meters, a horizontal cable type is specified. Horizontal cable is normally made with solid conductor copper wire in the diameter range of AWG 23 through AWG 24. This larger copper size translates into larger conductor diameters which make terminating to a traditional modular plug problematic. Bel Stewart’s unique loadbar and contact design accommodates this large diameter cabling in the form factor of a standard RJ45 plug.

The MRJ21 Patch Panel is a high density cabling device which transitions MRJ21 connectivity into traditional RJ45 ports. The demand for this product arises out of the fact that the MRJ21 connector is a high density 24 pair connector used on new networking and telecommunications equipment. Very often, this new equipment must interface with existing infrastructure which consists of RJ45 connectivity, and the MRJ21 patch panel allows for an organized transition point for this interface. The product can also be used in conjunction with MRJ21 cable assemblies to create high density, low profile, pre-terminated Category 5e permanent links. The product is available in 48 port versions for Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100 Base-T which fit into a standard 19” rack.

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MRJ21 is a trademark owned by TE Connectivity used under license.