Powerline Solutions

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0804-5000-17 (shown)

Designed to support the proliferation of high speed data communication devices in the world today, Bel’s range of Powerline Communication (PLC) modules enable equipment manufacturers to integrate the technology into existing devices with minimal effort.

The integration of PLC technology has expanded beyond conventional multimedia devices found in residential applications to a burgeoning range of commercial and industrial applications. For example, security cameras, aircraft entertainment systems, traffic light control and Smart Grid platforms are all potential applications for the technology.

Bel’s PLC modules are fully tested solutions and require minimum board space with options for mounting in the vertical or horizontal plane. The modules comply with HomePlug AV standards and support data rates of up to 200MBps. Modules can customized to suit a particular customer application either electrically or mechanically. Customer specific firmware can also be loaded as a factory option.

Module evaluation platforms are available on request.

Part Number Description Package Mounting Application Temp. Range Data Rate RoHS Data Sheet
0804-5000-17 HomePlug®/Powerline Module Vertical THT HomePlug® AV Commercial 200MB/s Y Data Sheet
0804-5000-18 HomePlug®/Powerline Module Horizontal THT HomePlug® AV Commercial 200MB/s Y Data Sheet
0804-5000-23 Module for Ethernet Over Coax Horizontal THT Ethernet Over Coax Industrial 200MB/s Y Data Sheet
0804-5000-24 HomePlug®/Powerline Module Horizontal THT HomePlug® AV Industrial 200MB/s Y Data Sheet

* Powerline couplers are also available to support these modular solutions. Please contact tech support for details.