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0816-1X2T-23 (shown)

MagJack® Integrated Connector Modules

MagJack Integrated Connector Modules, or ICMs, are the flagship product-line at Bel Fuse. Bel has been manufacturing ICMs for 15 years and is the premier supplier in the world for high volume and high reliability MagJack connectors for the Networking and Telecommunications markets. Our product portfolio is second to none, we have tooled more options and connector versions than any other supplier. We specialize in broad usage designs, capable of working with any Ethernet based PHY on the market and our EMI and RL expertise provide our customers with an advantage of their own in the market. Click on the links below for more detailed information about specific MagJack products.

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Bel MagJack Advantage

At Bel, we use a manufacturing process where wire-wrap all magnetic wire to a metal post—as opposed to soldering wire to a pad on the PCB. This wire-wrapping process is automatable and allows for a significantly higher yield and field reliability than the alternatives. This allows our designs to be more robust and hold up to more sever operating conditions — which many customers agree allows them worry-free designs from the connector I/O stand-point.

Bel also owns several key patents pertaining to critical areas of the ICM performance. We use our depth of engineering expertise to help customers meet strict Emissions and Signal Transmission requirements that one can not just get from an off-the-shelf ICM.

RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant