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Bel Magnetics – Capabilities

The Bel Magnetics products include one of the broadest ranges of magnetic-based solutions for high-speed networking and computer applications, which is the S558-10GB-XX series of 10GBASE-T LAN magnetics modules offered to address the transmission standards of 10GbE data over copper LANs. The SMT series is capable of handling the high bandwidth needed to support the continuing convergence of voice/video/data networking, high-performance computing, and storage traffic in the enterprise and data center. Notably meeting the IEEE 802.3an requirements for operation over 100 meters on CAT6A/CAT7 cabling, the series is qualified with leading IC manufacturers’ 10GBASE-T transceivers.

Bel’s new single-port, SMT LAN magnetics modules are design engineers’ preferred choice for use with 1:1 turns ratio 10GBASE-T PHY chips. The low-profile devices are commonly employed in high density, high performance data services, including video over the Internet, and higher-speed network switches, routers and servers.

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