Custom Modules

In addition to Bel’s 60+ year history as a quality component supplier, in recent years Bel’s business has expanded to include custom modules, ODM and OEM design capabilities, and electronic manufacturing services.

Bel utilizes its manufacturing expertise, developed from 30+ years of experience manufacturing in Asia, to offer a unique range of value-add services to its customers. Bel supports all levels of design and production, from Prototype and Pilot builds, to Design for Manufacture reviews, through to full turnkey solutions. Bel’s flexible, world class China manufacturing operation includes 12 SMT lines, Wave Soldering, ICT, ATE, Reliability Labs & Burn In capabilities. The diversity of the Bel product offering also enables a supply of certain components “in-house” allowing for an overall reduction in the Bill of Material cost.

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Telecom Assemblies
Bel’s long history and broad experience in RF technology and DSL transformer design enables it to collaboratively work with customers to support the development of a wide range of DSL module solutions that support high speed internet access and IPTV services, as well as providing integrated solutions for Telecom modules that include multiple features including circuit protection schemes.
Powerline Adaptor
Bel is not limited to merging its own components into integrated solutions. Bel has utilized this experience to expand into more complex solutions that integrate industry accepted technologies, such as Powerline, into modular designs whose offering ranges from couplers to modules, to full integration of the technology into solutions that include housings and packaging. These capabilities allow Bel to offer full contract manufacturing services to a leading Powerline Adaptor OEM. Today Bel manufactures more than one million Powerline Adaptors each year.
Smart Grid Node
Bel has successfully leveraged this experience to provide full turnkey solutions to customers in the Smart Grid area, industrial markets and high end consumer products. Bel’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, its long term manufacturing presence in Asia and its dedicated engineering teams offer customers a unique design partner that can support them from early design for manufacture planning all the way through production and packaging. Time to market and end product quality are what sets Bel apart in supporting full system builds.