Corporate Quality Objective
Our mission is to provide products and services using established quality standards and to meet or exceed customer expectations. To fulfill this objective, we strive to produce components and assemblies that embody optimum levels of reliability and performance in their design, manufacture, and delivery.Continuous Quality Improvements
We promote continuous improvements throughout the company. This requires outstanding performance in every facet of our processes and operations. In support of this objective, the company actively encourages the achievement of individual excellence and innovation.

Total Customer Satisfaction
Provide total customer satisfaction through cost effective, defect-free products and services, delivered on a timely basis.

Quality Management System
The President’s aim is that all associates shall understand and implement the policy in their daily activities. The President, through his management team, provides the leadership and direction necessary to maintain our quality management systems. In addition, this team ensures that associates, at all levels of the organization, adhere to the quality policy. Our management review process ensures effectiveness to the quality management system.

Environmental Management System
We recognize our obligation to manage and conserve resources, and are strongly committed to utilizing sustainable techniques. Our Environmental Management System and policy require reduction of our environmental impact from our product and service by reducing and controlling pollution, implementing new programs and initiatives, conserving energy, utilizing natural resources, adhering to applicable laws and regulations, as well as fostering environmental consciousness and responsibility among employees, suppliers, and customers.